usepackage{braket} with \Set or \middle

Hi I need an option similar to \left\{ \middle\vert \right\} or \Set{|} or \left\{\vrule\right\}.

Using \Set{|} or \left\{\vrule\right\} the code compiles and displays beautifully; however it doesn't display correctly inside the scientific workplace environment. Instead it simply displays one of those TCIText buttons with the word Set or vrule in it. Is there a .sty or similar thing that I can add to get it to display correctly? If you direct me to the propper files perhaps I can write something myself, but it would be great to get some help.


Thanks in advance! (I would absolutely love to see the \middle tag from e-Tex implemented, even though sci.workplace uses Latex2e which doesn't have it, I think that would be the best solution)



It is not possible to add new

It is not possible to add new visual representations of macros inside SW.  Macros unknown to SW are retained in TeX fields so they will appear properly when the document is typeset.