Lines and shaded cells in a SWP matrix

How can I create a SWP matrix that has some cells (lightly) shaded? How can I introduce lines into a SWP matrix? The goal is to indicate clearly a partitioning of a block matrix.

I don't know about shading a

I don't know about shading a portion of a matrix. A quick search on comp.text.tex finds an answer that the colortbl package could be used.  So, you should be able to color a row by adding an encapsulated TeX field with the \rowcolor command at the beginning of the first cell.  To color a column you would have to place the entire matrix in an encapsulated TeX field and use the \columncolor command.

SW does not offer a way to add lines to matrices, but it does retain them if they were added externally. To be able to add a matrix of the form with lines, you could save a sample matrix as a fragment, then revise the fragment as needed after it is added to a document.  Attached is a sample document that contains a 3x3 matrix with lines.  If this isn't the form that you need, post a message with the requirements.  Note: the attachment is visible on the forum only when viewing the forum after loggin in.

Thank you, George! The

Thank you, George! The shading thing is too complicated for me to get into, but the method you suggested for blocking a big array works just fine for me. I used a text editor to edit the SWP source file and insert \hline commands at the ends of the appropriate lines in the array, and modify the ccccc to cc|cc|c or whatever.

It would be convenient to be able to do this within SWP, but manual editing of the source file is a satisfactory workaround.

FYI I needed to be able to show blocking within a big block matrix in the course of preparing a second edition of "Matrix Analysis"...this time with SWP instead of the Selectric typewriter that I used in the early 80's. Five chapters finished, and four to go!


If you don't mind, it would

If you don't mind, it would be interesting to see a sample document that contains some of the blank matrices with the lines and also the completed matrices.