Graphics in Beamer look like crap

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When I include a PNG graphic in a beamer presentation it looks like crap in the PDF.

Typically I'm using screen captures, so the resolution is screen resolution. Say I have a 789x340 px screen capture that i export from paint as a PNG. Then I use Import Picture to bring it into SWP. SWP sees it at a 6.55 by 2.85 inch picture. I.e. it is 120 pixels per inch.  Now beamer slides are 5.04 by 3.78 inches so I use custom size and scale to 50%.  It still looks fine in SWP, but when I pdfTeX it, the PDF looks awful. It is terribly pixelated to the point where a simple screen capture is totally illegible.  I have my PDF Graphics Export Options set to Leave Graphics Unchanged.


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P.S. While writing this, I tried changing the PDF Graphics Export Options set to "Export Graphics as PDF" and actually got acceptable results.  But I'd still like to know what's going on here.

Graphics can get run through

Graphics can get run through the conversion filters, even when they don't need to be.  The conversion filters don't do the best job in some cases.  Follow the link here to Graphics files and PDF for steps to configure SW so .jpg and .png graphics files are used directly.


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George:  Great reply as

George:  Great reply as usual.

It's a pity about the need for the registry change. I would think that if the file is in a format that PDFLaTeX supports, then the default should be that no filtering is done, even if there is a size change. I.e. by default just do what most other LaTeX systems would do.  Maybe in the next version.  However this idea of prefiltering as an option is really a good one, especially considering that PDFLaTeX supports a very limited set of graphics formats and that Beamer makes such small slides.

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