command-line pdflatex

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Is is possible to run pdflatex from the command line in such a way that SWP's graphics conversion routines are available? (Or is graphics conversion soemthing that's done internally by SWP, before pdflatex sees the document)?  I did a command-line conversion of a document that contained some wmf graphics, and I got blank spaces in the pdf file.



The graphics for PDF are

The graphics for PDF are created when the document is saved when the PDF output choice has been made (select Typeset, Output choice).  If you set PDF as the output choice and then save the document, the graphics will be generated and you can then run pdflatex from a command prompt.  If the output choice is DVI but you compile for PDF, then the changes needed to compile for PDF are made to a temporary document that is created and used by pdflatex.