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I'm using the apalike package in a Latex document.  There is an author that published two article the same year, how can you use the \cite command to obtain [Author,1999a] instead of [Author,999a]? 

I think the \cite package takes the last four characters in the year box. Can someone tell me how to modify this?



What BibTeX bibliography

What BibTeX bibliography style are you using?  I think this matters more than apalike.sty.  I inspected apalike.sty and don't see where it does anything that would change a citation as you describe.

There has been an update to apalike.sty, but the updated doesn't change how the package functions.  Instead, it uses \refname or \bibname instead of hard coded values (making it Babel friendly).

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 I guess I have not been

 I guess I have not been clear. The bibliography style I use is called apalike2.

Since I don't have your

Since I don't have your BibTeX bibliography database file (.bib file), here's a guess.  If you are using the year with the letter in the YEAR field of the database, you are probably getting the truncation of the first letter.  Try using only the year and let the BibTeX bibliography style (.bst file) manage whether or not the letter should be added. 

That is, if you have .bib entries like YEAR = {1999a) and YEAR = {1999b} change them both to be YEAR = {1999}.