Derivative of cc Bessel function wrong?

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If one takes derivative of a complex conjugated Bessel function [say, BesselJ0(x)* ] then one gets a strange result -- the BesselJ1(x) with minus sign is multiplied (!?) by BesselJ0(x)*  (see attachment).

Either the engine makes the mistake or I have missed someting...  

Try the operation and say give your diagnosis....

I use SWP 5.50 Build 2960


HowSWPcomputesDJ0CC.GIF5.96 KB
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I contacted the MuPAD

I contacted the MuPAD developers about this and the claim is that this answer is formally OK. What answer were you expecting? It may be possible to make assumptions about x or f(x) so that MuPAD returns the answer in a different format.