Modifying section tags

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I'm trying to change some of the properties on the sections tag. e.g. making the "Section" tag centered when you print it or have it surrounded by a blue-green box like the "Heading 2" in a Notebook doc. 

I'we been looking a while, and I have been able to change some properties in the Tag -> Appearance window. But it only seems to change the properties when I am using the program, and not when I compile it to a pdf.

Is there a way this can be done?

Tnx :)

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Hello, Changing a tag

Changing a tag appearance only affects the screen presentation of a document. Typeset documents are formatted according to the style parameters determined by the document class and packages used. Scientific WorkPlace (Word) has effectively made the process of setting styles transparent to users. For example, click New under the File menu, choose the Article shell directory, and then choose the AMS Journal Article shell. This will open a sample document (which you can save with a name of your choice and modify) which centers sectioning titles on screen and in the formatted (typeset) version. (See shells using the search feature in the help menu to learn more about document shells.)
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I am also trying to center my

I am also trying to center my sections. One method I used is to use the tex commands \begin{center} Section 1 \end{center}

But is there any other way to do this without using those commands. Specifically I want to center the table of contents. I appreciate any help.

The sectsty package could be

The sectsty package could be used.  See the Typesetting Documents manual.  You can also search the support area of our web site for "sectsty".