Typesetting .eps files

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I am having trouble with .eps figures in my document. Certain features of the figure, such as the title, do not typeset properly. I am using SWP5.5 and have tried using the dvips option of the graphicx package as explained in the support document ##248: Problem with EPS Files (Use the dvips Option with the graphicx Package). However, this does not solve the problem.

It should be noted that when I add the graphicx package and use the dvips option to the document I am working on, the .eps figure typeset, but typeset improperly. However, when I open a new blank document and test the problem as described in the article the .eps file doesn't typeset at all once I select the divps option.

If this description of my problem is not enough completely understand my problem, please repsond and I'll give you any addition information you might need.



I would have expected the

I would have expected the document to print properly on a PostScript printer when using the dvips option (the preview in the TrueTeX Previewer would be just an outline and the file name).

Post a sample document with graphics (save as .rap and post the .rap file so the graphics file is included) and we can see if we can duplicate the problem.

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Here is a sample document

Here is a sample document that hopefully highlights the problem. What you should see is that on the .eps figure the title is not properly centered. I suppose it's also weird that the .tif file is missing many of the gridlines. In other programs, the two figures appear identical.

You missed one of the steps

You missed one of the steps in using the method described in the article, you need to save using the Portable LateX file type.  Use File, Save As and change the type of file to Portable LaTeX.  Then, if you preview the document you will see only an outline and the file that will be included.  The image will appear when you print on a PostScript printer.  Only .eps graphics types can be used, so your sample document will fail to print the other graphics.

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Thanks for your help. I would

Thanks for your help. I would eventually like to compile the document to pdf. Is this possible?

If you are using

If you are using \includegraphics statements directly for .eps files, then you would need to compile for DVI and then use a conversion to PDF, probably the full Acrobat or some similar program.  The alternative would be to compile using some other LaTeX distribution that includes conversion tools when compiling for PDF.