filtration F

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 I would like to write a super curly F as in measure space(omega, F).

How can I do that?

The styles I can find in the dropdown box such as sans self etc. are not what I am looking for.



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 You can easily use

 You can easily use \mathcal{F} in order to generate a stylized F for the filtration!


Good luck!



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 Being a new user... how do I

 Being a new user... how do I insert raw tex command like that in my document?

The answer to the general

The answer to the general question is, use Insert, Typeset Object, TeX Field and then enter valid LaTeX in the body of the dialog.  Turn on the Encapsulated check box to keep the contents in a TeX field when SW next opens the document.  If the Encapsulated check box is off, SW will try to interpret the contents of the TeX field and if there is an error you can damage the document.

To answer the specific question in this thread, this isn't necessary.  You can use the Calligraphic text tag.  This uses \mathcal when the document is saved.