Recognizing sentence ending

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All the recent talk of double space vs. single space between sentences has made me very smug to be a LaTeX user.

However I just realized that, while LaTeX makes it easy to do the right thing, there is at least one case that SW makes difficult.

In LaTeX, if I end a sentence with  '.'' ' (a period followed by two ticks and a space), LaTeX will recognize that this is the end of a sentence. However, SW saves this as '.\textquotedblright\ ', which fools LaTeX into not recognizing the end of the sentence.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

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To answer my own question,

To answer my own question, you can solve the problem with an encapsulated TeX box containing the required '.'' ' sequence, as illustrated below.  However, I was hoping for a more elegant solution.


Default behaviour & \textquotedblleft (M M m. M MMMM. \\ \hline
Required space & \textquotedblleft (M M m.\ M MMMM. \\ \hline
Paren after period & \textquotedblleft M M m.) M MMMM. \\ \hline
Quote after period. & (M M m.\textquotedblright\ M MMMM. \\ \hline
Ugly workaround & (M M m%
%TCIMACRO{\TeXButton{ugly workaround}{.'' }}%
.'' %
M MMMM. \\ \hline
Period after capital. & \textquotedblleft (m M M. M MMMM. \\ \hline
\TEXTsymbol{\backslash}@ before period & \textquotedblleft (m M M%
. M MMMM. \\ \hline