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Many TeX/LaTeX users are unhappy with the standard calligraphic font. Two packages (calrsfs and mathrsfs) are commonly used to overcome this problem by providing the Ralph Smith (rsfs) fonts. These are not provided by Scientific Word 5x.

Has anyone successfully installed one of these packages into SW (preferably calrsfs) or found another way around the calligraphic font limitation? I am running SW5 under Win 7 X 64.

The calrsfs package depends

The calrsfs package depends on already having the rsfs fonts installed.  To use with fonts with the TrueTeX Previewer included with SW to be abel to create DVI files, you would need to have a TrueType version of the fonts.  I do not know that they exist.

There are Type 1 fonts at CTAN, so you should be able to add these fonts and compile for PDF.  Following are steps, along the the attachment mentioned by the steps, that allow adding the yhmath package for use with SW when compiling for PDF.  Similar steps would be needed for using the rsfs fonts, in particular step 11 that gives pdflatex information about the existance of the additiona fonts.

1. Download the package from from CTAN home / tex-archive/ macros/ latex/ contrib/ yhmath.
2. Unzip
3. Run LaTeX on yhmath.ins
4. Move the resulting files yhmath.sty and OMXyhex.fd to TCITeX\TeX\LaTeX\contrib\yhmath
5. Download the fonts from from CTAN home / tex-archive/ fonts/ yhmath. 
6. Unzip
7. Move the yhcmex10.tfm and yrcmex10.tfm to TCITeX\fonts\tfm\yhmath
8. Move yhcmex10.vf to TCITeX\fonts\vf\yhmath
9. Did not use yhcmex.pfa. Instead found a font at Download and move to TCITeX\fonts\type1\yhmath.  (I've attached the file to the forum and it can also be downloaded HERE).
10. Create a sample document that uses the yhmath features:



11. Add knowledge of the yhmath fonts to pdftex. Edit the file TCITeX\pdftex\config\ and add this line to the end of the file:
yrcmex10 Yhcmex <yhcmex.pfb
12. Open the sample document and create a PDF file.  A successful test will have wide accents on all the examples.
To use the package with your existing documents, use Typeset, Options and Packages, choose the Go Native button and add the line "{yhmath}" (without the quotes).

Another approach would be to install a separate TeX/LaTeX installation, for example TeX Live 2010, and use this version of LaTeX to compile your documents.