Vector notation

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 I am using both boldface and \vec to indicate a vector. When I use SWP I can see the little arrow over the letter when I use 


But if I make the letter bold face, 


I get a tilde instead.  The SWP screen looks fine, but any way I print I get a tilde including a PDF preview. Is there a way to work around this?




You need to use Bold Symbol

You need to use Bold Symbol as the tag for mathematics rather than the Bold tag.  That is:

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 Gosh you are right, I had

 Gosh you are right, I had not thought this through. I am madly writing lectures in electricity and magnetism (where everything is a vector) and was just pushing the F5 key to get bold.  Is there a better way than making a fragment to get $\boldsymbol{\vec{E}}$  in SWP?

BTW Thank heavens for SWP's search and replace on math!