minor beamer problem

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the () that appears in the lower-left footer field of a beamer presentation using Madrid? I believe it's generated by something in SWPs processing of the ShortAuthor field (since it doesn't seem to show up in Beamer's own documentation).



The quickest way to get rid

The quickest way to get rid of the ()'s is to add a bunch of required spaces (or some other white space object) to the end of the Short Author field in the front matter.  The ()'s would be filled with the short name of the Institute field. 


I have entered information on

I have entered information on the institute field, which are added after compiling the file next to the name for every slide except for the first one. So in the first one I just get the name and an empty (). Do you know how can I fix it? Also, another problem I face is that the title is cut in half, even there is space for the remaining part before the date (right part of the screen).Do you know how I can fix it?