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I can't start a new page for my references, even though I'm inserting a 'Newpage' from Insert-Spacing-Break. When I click on Invisibles it shows that a new page is beginning but once I compile and preview the pdf, the References just continue with the rest of the text.

Also, how do you start a new page for the List of Figures and List of Tables?

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See for information on adding a page break.  The article refers to the table of contents (toc), but the same technique works for the list of tables (lot) and list of figures (lof).

A newpage object should start a new page.  The only exception is that a newpage at a location that already starts a new page will usually be ignored.  This can be fixed by adding a required object (white space of some type, either a required horizontal or vertical spacing object) before the page break.  If you continue to have difficulties, then you will have to post an example that shows the problem.

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your help.