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Hi everybody!

Does anybody know how can I change the word "Contents" that appears above a table of contents when I make it. For example, as I am from Croatia, I do not want it to be "Contents" but "Sadrzaj". Please help me. Thanks.

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Hi All, I am trying to format

Hi All,

I am trying to format my Table of contents as follows:

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

              CHAPTER                                                      PAGE

              ABSTRACT                                                           i

              CHAPTER 1                                                         1

               CHAPTER 2                                                         2


I added \tableof contents as a TEX commands and also added this to my preamble :

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{TABLE OF CONTENTS}


However, I do not know how to center the TABLE OF CONTENTS, and I do not know how to insert an underlined Chapter and Page. I also have a problem in the numbering of the ABSTRACT, the page number shows as 1 not as i.

I appreciate any help. Thanks

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If you are in a standard

If you are in a standard LaTeX based shell, you can do this by choosing Typeset, Preamble, and adding


to the list of commands.

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Thanks John, I've just tried

Thanks John, I've just tried it and it works. But... the exact word is "Sadržaj" (note the hook above z) and it turns out that what I get is a black square instead of ž. I don't however have that problem when I type ž in the body, title, section headings, etc., of a document. Do you know maybe how to get exactly ž?? Thanks once again.


There are some typesetting

There are some typesetting specifications that directly use the text "Contents" rather than the \contentsname macro.  If that is the case, then John's solution won't work (because you are then not using a stnadard LaTeX based shell) and the exact typesetting specification used by the document needs to be known before a solution can be suggested.  Post a small sample document that shows what you are doing (copy your existing document and delete most of the text if you don't want to post the original document) and the source of "Contents" in the typeset results should then be able to be located and replaced with "Sadrzaj".

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Thanks, George. However, it

Thanks, George. However, it seems that John's solution works. But, I cannot get "SadrŽaj" (note the hook)... see my last post in which I explained the problem to John. Maybe you know how to get it right. Thanks.


You will need to use the

You will need to use the LaTeX form of the character.  This should work:


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let me bother you a little

let me bother you a little bit more, sorry:) I would also like to change "References", "List of Figures", "List of Tables", "Chapter" into appropriate Croatian words. Thanks.  

Rather than defining each

Rather than defining each element with the needed substitution, you can use the babel package which is designed to do this.  Unfortunately, I see there is a typo in the interface file that SW uses, so there are some extra steps needed to use the Croatian option to the babel package.

To add the babel package with the croatian option use the following steps:

  • Select Typest, Options and Packages and select the Package Options tab.
  • Choose the Add button, select babel from the list of packages and choose OK.
  • With the babel package highlighted, choose the Modify button.
  • This opens the Options for package babel dialog.  In the Category column select Croatian and in the Options column select Include Croation.  Now, to correct the typo, choose the Go Native button and modify croation to be croatian.
  • Use OK to close the open dialogs.

Attached is a sample document with this modification that is based on the Standard LaTeX Book shell.  I picked this shell since it uses more elements than some of the other shells.

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thanks a lot. i 

thanks a lot.

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Nice, it owrks very well,

Nice, it owrks very well, George. I've got what I want. Thanks a lot.