Problem with plot, subdocuments and pstrick : continuation

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I've started a new topic, since, though helpful to understand the ins and outs of our diagnostic attempts, the indentation was getting a bit out of hand.

Now the good news: SWP5 compiles (my) exemple.tex to pdf with no problems. So it's a question of figuring out why your results are different.

I attach a zip file with all my stuff in it. Here's what I think you
should do. (Note that a copy of this posting is included, as
debug_suggestions.txt, in the archive).

1. If necessary, create c:\texlive\truetex
2. Unzip the contents of my zip file to there.

3. Now open my version of exemple.tex in SWP5. As you do so, you will get a message to the effect that "40 LaTeXX Book.cst" can't be found. The answer to this is that Yes you want to continue. The file then opens in SWP5. Now do a pdf compile.

IF THIS BOMBS, then I think the most likely source of the problem is
a mismatch bewteen the packages I'm using and those you're using.
(Remember, the tex system used by SWP is wildly out of date). What you should do now is compare my exemple_pdf.log with exemple.log you've just generated. Carefully compare the package numbers and dates. If you find a discrepancy, let me know and I can supply my versions.

IF THE FILE COMPILED WITHOUT ERROR, then it's just a matter
of figuring out which of my changes avoided the problem. Your
versions are commented out. So what you should do is systematically
comment out my changes and restore yours. I've tried to mark my
changes with comments with the text PAV.

4.1. At line 18 of exemple.tex, change "40 LaTeXX Book.cst" to "40 LaTeX Book.cst". Re-compile. If this leads to errors, then the problem is via the cst file, and with any tex file it may be referencing. This is possible, especially if the cst file was created as a StyleEditor style, since, as I understand it, this requires additional tex files to be processed.

4.2. Next, at line 36 of exemple.tex, comment out my \externaldocument line and uncomment yours. Re-compile. If this is the source of the problem, then I'd be tempted to see if there's something special about the Dropbox folder: maybe it has special permissions. (I've never used Dropbox). In this case I'd create a folder called say c:\mywork ; copy LivreBasePlus.aux to there; change the \externaldocument command in exemple.tex, and try again.

4.3 Do the same with the graphics file referenced at line 107 of exemple5.tex. Ie: restore your reference and re-compile.

Let us know how this works out.

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As far as I can tell, the

As far as I can tell, the exemple.log you posted (on Friday Apr 16) is not for the experiments I described in my suggestions. I suggested you try to compile under truetex (ie called from within SWP5): when you do this, all packages should be loaded from folders under c:/swp55/TCITeX/, and the log file should show this. In your exemple.log, you're running the tex system from texlive 2021 and all packages are loaded from folders under c:/texlive/2021/texmf-dist/tex.

So my suggestion is that you start by trying to compile under truetex, not texlive.