fraktur in abstract shows up as other typeface (Roman?) when typeset's picture

In swp5.0: Have used fraktur characters in the abstract of a paper written in amsart style (2020 version). When typeset they don't show up as fraktur, but rather some other typeface. This does not seem to be the case in the body of the paper: fraktur yields fraktur. Remedy? Please see attachments. Thanks very much.

untitled1.tex and untitled1.pdf are how the abstract appears in normal file body (of a dummy file) and as typeset from that file body. Untitled1.tex was cut/pasted from the abstract of the paper in question. All fraktur in untitled1.tex showed up as some other typeface when compiled. Fraktur in the body of the paper showed up as fraktur.

Untitled1.tex2.31 KB
Untitled1.pdf26.37 KB

Correct typeset results are

Correct typeset results are seen when using Version 5.5.  I don't know why it doesn't work in Version 5.0.'s picture

Ok, thanks. I'll find some

Ok, thanks. I'll find some way to word it w/out using fraktur. Weird.