slanted in "solutions"


I would like to know how to get that te typesetting of "solutions" (I mean something written with this tag) is normal and not slanted. All the styles I tried gave me slanted text...

Thank's in advance for you help !

Hello ! Thank you for your

Hello !
Thank you for your answer ! As I did'know the wodd "upright", I was not able to dig efficiently the website...
So, I have includee the "theorem" package and I wrote something like


And know, exercises are written upright. So far, I havn't notice side effects. So, the comand "
\theorembodyfont{\upshape} " apply only to the next line. Is that correct ?

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Assuming that you are using

Assuming that you are using the theorem package, you can define multiple theorem type environments to be upright by enclosing the command and the \newtheorem commands in braces. So you can declare all theorems bodies to be upright by changing your document preamble to read


The \theorembodyfont command

The \theorembodyfont command would apply to any subsequent \newtheorem statements.  As indicated in the article, the scope of the \theorembodyfong command can be restricted by using braces.