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I have written a big book with SWP5.5 and of course, I have included an index. However, there are many mistakes in the pages' references. For example, "Cauchy formula" can be referenced with pages 43, 50, 108 etc but if 43 is correct, the others marker should be 52 and 110. Sometimes, the page which is indicated is just empty...

Can you help me ?

I join the master Tex Source file (I have written the book in sub-documents)

Thanks in advance !

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The general answer is to make

The general answer is to make sure that several LaTeX compile passes are done, and to repeat the compile and index generation after all material has been added to the document.  Also, the index file is not generated unless requested.  So, if you generate an index, add material, and compile without regenerating the index some index entries can be wrong.  It can also help to use Typeset, General Settings and turn on the check box for Use old .aux files if possible.

Thanks for your help ! If I

Thanks for your help !

If I was aware of the necessity to ask for producing the index at each compilation, I did not suspected the box "use old .aux files if possible" had to be checked in "general typesetting" . I did it and it seems that the pb is fixed :)

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I don't have experience with

I don't have experience with an index but, in the absence of an answer from MacKichan, perhaps the following would help.

Are you using pdfLaTeX or TrueTeX to generate your final output? If the former, my guess is that it is not a MacKichan issue but you could try checking for an updated version of pdfLaTeX. If the latter, then it **is** a MacKichan issue. In either case, you could try using the other to see if the same problem arises.