SWP 6.0.30 and Big Sur

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My MacBook is encouraging me to update my operating system from macOS Mojave to macOS Big Sur. I assume that, because SWP 6.0.30 is incompatible with macOS Catalina, it is also incompatible with macOS Big Sur.

Is that correct?

Yes, it seems to be correct

Yes, it seems to be correct that Version 6 cannot be used with Catalina or Big Sur.  A quick internet search finds, "macOS 11.0 Big Sur will NOT run 32-bit apps".

During this same search I did find How to Run 32-Bit Apps in macOS Catalina | PCMag that gives some more detailed steps in setting up a virtual computer before updating to one of the new macOS versions.  From the article, "The easiest method is this (but keep in mind that it costs money): Buy a copy of Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion if you don't already own one."

There may be other similar solutions.

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Since it won't work on

Since it won't work on Catalina, I am sure it won't work on BigSur since SWP is not a 64bit application yet.

What I am curious is if it will work on Arm Processor MacBook Pro which Apple will start shipping next week. I am thinking of getting one and then downgrade Big Sur to Mojave.

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We have not tried it yet, but

We have not tried it yet, but I am quite sure that SWP will not run on Big Sur.