Both 5.6 and 6.0 stopped working

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I had 5.5 and have been using it well. I purchased V6.0, installed it, and it was missing I downloaded it and added to MiKTex2.9\tex\latex as my postdoc did it and recommended. It did not work. I uninstalled all of them including MikTex and tried to make fresh installations. The system is stuck with Truetex uninstallation as well as installation. I can't delete TrueTEx and SWP folders because it says it is used by another program which is impossible to find what it is. After wasting my whole day, I abandoned my efforts. Is there any way to clean all SWP related files-folders etc to make a fresh installation? This is a brand new computer and I don't want to format the disc and start all over again to load my programs.

If you were using MiKTeX,

If you were using MiKTeX, then you elected to separately install MiKTeX (or already had it installed).  MiKTeX has an option to dynamically install missing packages, so with this selected you shouldn't have had an issue with any missing packages.  Simply compiling a second time would solve the issue as the package would have been installed on the first compile.

We have come across some instances where Windows locks the texmf-local directory such that it cannot be easily deleted.  Christopher Mabb has created steps that can be followed to change attributes so the problem directory can be deleted.  See the attached.

Not sure if this is what you are seeing, but this sounds like the most likely thing.

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Thanks very much. I managed

Thanks very much. I managed to remove all past installations of everything related to MikTex, SWP 5.5 and 6.0 with my software engineer's help. I don't have texlive directory anymore in C drive. I thought a fresh installation would help but SWP5.5 stalls at "Installing TrueTex Tex system. This process will take a few minutes". It has been 2 hours now.

Here is the information we

Here is the information we have on the installation issue where the TrueTeX portion stalls:

We have had some reports when installing to a new ThinkPad and some other computers where the TrueTeX installation fails and then hangs the main install, showing the message, "Installing TrueTex. This process will take a few minutes...".  We have not had direct experience with this problem, so have had to rely on customer reports.  Hopefully the following information will provide enough clues to solve the problem.
We believe the problem is caused by a virus checking or similar program preventing the TrueTeX install from being automatically launched by the SW install.  During the SW install, it silently launches the TrueTeX installation, and then waits until the TrueTeX installation is complete. Since the TrueTeX install never completes, the SW install hangs.
In some cases, it was sufficient to close processes using the Task Manager.  One customer reports, "I have Kespersky antivirus and after your mail I explicitly terminated the antivirus process and all its sub-processes. After that when I installed work space, it was successfully installed."  Another customer reports, "I finally got it working. I had temporarily disabled Symantec, but that didn't get it working immediately. I think the program that I closed from the Task Manager that finally worked was rtvscan.exe".  A Google search for "rtvscan.exe" finds, "rtvscan.exe is an executable of the Symantec Internet Security Suite. It is responsible for the execution of real-time virus-scanning in order to detect virus infected files as they enter your system."
We have also had reports from customers where they uninstalled the Symantec program.  They then installed SW without problems and then reinstalled Symantec.
We have had a similar report with respect to Bitdefender Internet Security. Deactivating this program was not sufficient, the customer had to uninstall Bitdefender, install SW, then reinstall Bitdefender.
Another possible solution is to start Windows in Safe Mode and then install the program.  As far as we know, everyone who has tried this method has succeeded.  See for information from the Microsoft web site on starting in Safe Mode.