Saving plots as graphics

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In SWP 5.5, I could save plots as graphics files by renaming them in the Graphics dialog box.

I haven't found any way to do this with SWP 6. Is there one?

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It is there. The dialog to

It is there. The dialog to let you select which directory to put the snapshot in has not been written, so in the meantime the following works.

When the plot is selected, there is a new row of buttons in the toolbar. The last one is a camera icon. Click this. There is no feedback. (This is where the unwritten dialog comes in.) A png file for the plot has been placed in the graphics directory of the working directory for your document. You can then insert a graphic and click the button to navigate to the directory <your document name>_work/graphics/plot123...89.png. Select that file.


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As I said in a previous

As I said in a previous posting, this works. But the dialog for inserting an image doesn't seem to allow me to set it as a floating image with a caption and a label for reference in the text. Or have I missed something?

Use Insert, Image to add a

Use Insert, Image to add a graphics to a Version 6 document.  This opens the Image dialog with the Image tab active where you can use the Choose file button to select the file you wish to import.  After selecting the file, click the Placement tab.  This shows Location.  I believe the default is Displayed.  Change this to Floating.  You can then use the Caption selection to select a caption position of Above or Below.  After selecting a caption position, you can add a unique key in the Key for cross-reference field.

The defaults for adding an image can be modified by using Tools, Preferences and from the General icon select the Graphics tab.

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Apologies. The window under

Apologies. The window under the Placement tab opens so narrow that the boxes with possible selections do not appear on it and I had not realised that they were way off the right-hand edge. It might help if the window opened in such a way as to reveal those boxes without having to resize the window.

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I'll look at the tooltip

I'll look at the tooltip issue. It should be easy to fix.

I added a Save dialog to the process of creating a plot snapshot. It will be in the next release.

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Dear Barry, may I know when

Dear Barry, may I know when the next release will be? I am sure many of us are eager to have a try out of the next release. Hope it will be more stable than the current version on both Windows and Mac.

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Picky comment: it would be

Picky comment: it would be nice if the new buttons could have tooltip guides, as the standard toolbars do.

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Many thanks for the quick

Many thanks for the quick response. It works well.