Version 6.0.31 release

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It is now more than a year since there has been an update of SWP 6 and, for Mac users, it is getting increasingly urgent to have an update that works with macOS Catalina.

What is the approximate timescale for the next release? And will it work with macOS Catalina?

Unfortunately, we do not have

Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame for release of the next update.  There have been technical issues in working towards a version that will operate under Catalina, and it appears unlikely that the next release will be available for Catalina.

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If the rumour is true

If the rumour is true regarding Apple making the transition from Intel processor to their own ARM processor, I hope SWP will still work. I am very curious when new updates will be made available since the last updated (6.0.30) was made about a year ago.

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George’s post reads like a

George’s post reads like a death sentence on SWP 6, at least for Mac users. Yes, as Chris writes, we can continue using macOS X Mojave for now – but safely only until Apple stops supporting it (with rumours that this may be as early as later this year) or until needing a new computer, which will come with a 64-bit operating system installed. I, for one, am not going back to Windows even for the benefit of using SWP 6.

It may even be a wider death sentence on SWP 6 because an increasing proportion of my colleagues and students are using Macs for their work. That would be a great shame. I think the underlying concept and design of SWP 6 are brilliant, which is why I have stuck with it despite its current limitations and why I have been prepared to spend so much time documenting bugs.

Wouldn’t it be worth MacKichan focusing on making SWP 6.0.31 a 64-bit version and producing it soon? My hunch is that this might be the most important thing for keeping SWP 6 alive.

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In September, there will be

In September, there will be another version of Mac OS X coming out. I wonder if a version working on Catalina will have any issue with the new OS X 2020.

But for me, I don't mind staying on with Mojave if the next release for Mac users can be a more stable version and with bugs fixed. Due to the bugs in v6, in both Windows and Mac, I have been staying on with v5.5 for Windows. It is a very stable and there is no crash at all.

The application for v6 keep on crashing in both Mac and Windows and that is annoying although none of my data is lost due to the autosave feature.