Why does SWP 6.0.30 crash so often and where is the Latex source file?

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I just bought and installed SWP 6 when my PC was set up new and I regret it. It crashes quite often in standard situations e.g. when using Text in Equations. That sucks. When I take a look at the "source" it is all html and not latex. THe great thing about SWP was that you had a WYSIWYG Latex editor with a math kernel. And now it looks like nothing works. I'd like to go back to 5.5!


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A crash is annoying, but

A crash is annoying, but relatively easy to deal with. I have auto save set at every 10 seconds. First, save the document soon after creating it. When SWP crashes, open the software again, then the file. When the dialog appears, click Cancel. Nearly all of your document is recovered.

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For what it's worth: you can

For what it's worth: you can always get the latex source (actually, of course, a translation from the xhtml) by doing File > Export TeX.

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Thanks for the kind answers.

Thanks for the kind answers. But the point is, that this in my view is a huge step back. I mostly write technical articles and math stuff. I used to permanently use the mouse and keyboard to highlight stuff and c&p it. Now, precisely this does not work properly any more. To me it looks like in 5.5 all items were in "containers" (e.g. all stuff within brackets, the denominator of a fraction, etc.) and this could be handled by the software. Now every element is treated individually which is too complex to be handled. This mornig I had 4 crashes within 10 minutes! As a minor point, in 5.5 the cursor was easy to place and to move. Now, I don't even understand how it moves from text to equation and how to place it correctly with the mouse.

I just started a request to IT to help me to install 5.5 on my new Windows 10 machine. Hope they get it done (I failed at the point of istalling TrueTex). In the current version, SWP 6 is not to work with. It's really a pitty, because I'm really enthusiastic about the concept of a WYSIWYG tex editor with an included math kernel. That was awesome despite its price.

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I had a problem with

I had a problem with installing swp55 on my win10 office computer, where I'm not an administrator: the issue was that the truetype fonts didn't get installed. Everything else was fine. If this is your problem, try having someone with system administrator privileges log on to your computer; then go to C:\swp55\TCITeX\fonts\truetype\ and install all the truetype fonts there (As I recall, the sysadmin can do this by selecting all the ttf fonts and then right-clicking and then doing Install for All Users). If successful you will be able to look at the c:\windows\fonts folder and see that the files are there.

If that's not the problem, then try having a sysadmin install the entire SWP55 system. It is apparently not enough to select the swp55 installation exe file and run it "as an administrator". At least it wasn't for me.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot. I now managed

Thanks a lot. I now managed to install swp5.5, though without TrueTex. But thats ok because we usually make the final version with a different tex system to include finetunig in the tex code.

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An alternative to using the

An alternative to using the cursor to select material for copying or cutting and pasting that I find greatly reduces the number of crashes and “invalid markup” errors is to use the grey status line that appears on-screen just below the tabs for “Normal” view, “PDF preview”, etc.

Barry MacKichan explains this in the posted topic “Selecting”, which you can find by clicking on Search in the left-hand column on the forum and typing Selecting in the box that comes up. But to give an example, suppose you want to select the numerator in a fraction. Place the cursor in the numerator. Then click on the "mrow" to the right of "mfrac" on the status line. This selects the whole numerator including what you refer to as the “containers”.

When I select in this way, the number of times SWP 6 crashes greatly reduces (though, unfortunately, it still crashes too often for other reasons).

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Thanks a lot for the hint for

Thanks a lot for the hint for selecting. That indeed works ok. Yet, the handling of the cursor and mouse is still much worse than in 5.5 and makes the programm way less attractive.

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I also agree with the fact

I also agree with the fact that v6 crashes too often but this happen not only in Windows but also on Mac. I just hope a stable version will be available considering the price of the software. Now I am also reverting back to v5.5 which rarely crash.