Migrating from 5.5

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I hope that there is already an answer to this but I would like to know about known issues and problems opening SWP 5.5 documents in SWP 6.0 (IOS). I am particularly interest in .rap and beamer files. Thanks for the pointers.

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Here are some thoughts on

Here are some thoughts on your questions,
since the developers have not responded:

A. rap files

I just gave this a try, and it looks to me
as if rap files ARE imported (via the File > Import Tex
dialog). One problem here seems to be that graphics
files in the wrap file are NOT imported unless they
happen (still) to be in the location pointed to
in the TeX command to include them: that is, the graphic
file included in the rap file itself isn't imported.

If this is correct --- maybe I did something wrong, I don't know ---
it seems that your best strategy --- if graphics
are involved --- is to un-wrap the rap file, and import
the TeX file, not the rap.

This assumes that you have SWP5 available. If you
don't you should still be OK, since rap
files are plain text files and the beginning and end
of each file inside the archive is clearly marked;
you'd have extract each of them by hand, but this is
doable, if tedious.

One slight problem is if your document uses
additional latex packages beyond those included
with SWP5s TeX system: these packages will need to
be added to SWP6s TexLive system. (The SWP6 installation
provides many of the SWP-specific packages from SWP5).
This is straightforward as long as you remember that (unlike
with SWP5) you need to tell TeXLive that you've added
packages. (Run mktexlsr from a command prompt)

B. Beamer

The good news is that SWP6 supports Beamer, so
in principle there's no problem. But you should
remember a few things:

(.) SWP6 includes a colorful on-screen layout
for Beamer documents. Imported Beamer documents
do not use this. On the other hand, the colorful Beamer
layout seems to me to be more flashy than useful.

(.) Actually, importing an SWP5 Beamer document
has one advantage. In an imported document
Beamer's frame macro is represented by a TeX field,
just as in SWP5. That's an advantage, because it gives
you access to the \begin{frame} statement, allowing
you to add arguments to it. As far as I know, this
is not possible in SWP6's built-in Beamer support.

(.) SWP5 supports many more graphics formats than does SWP6.
(SWP6 observes, reasonably enough, that many of these
have not turned out to have had staying power). But as
long as your SWP5 graphics use standard formats
(including wmf, jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, svg, pdf, eps, ps)
you should be OK.

(.) Personally, I've found, especially in Beamer settings,
that SWP5s ability to scale a graphic by some given percent
is something I use all the time. SWP6 does not allow
you to do this: Once the graphic is imported, you
need to set the desired width and height yourself
in one of the supported length units (in, cm, etc).
"Percent" is not a supported unit. It also doesn't seem
possible in SWP6 to crop a graphic, as it is in SWP5; though
this is something I need to do less often.

(.) A final point. Your question was posted a week ago.
It is the sort of query that really should have received a
quick response from the SWP6 developers: it's not difficult,
and certainly not highly technical. (You may have noticed that
back in 2015 there was the same question about rap files: it
too went unanswered). That your question appears to have been
ignored by the developers might reasonably cause you to worry
about what might happen in a production situation: can you count
on getting help with SWP6 from the developers when you need it?

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Thanks. This option sort of

Thanks. This option sort of defeats the purpose of the .rap file. It is what it is. I too worry about support. It does not seem a priority

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Thanks. This option sort of

Thanks. This option sort of defeats the purpose of the .rap file. It is what it is. I too worry about support. It does not seem a priority