SWP 6.0.30: New bugs (plus some old ones)

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I have discovered bugs in SWP 6.0.30 that did not seem to be present in SWP 6.0.29. I am running SWP 6 under macOS Mojave 10.14.5.

1. Start-up document. Under Preferences > General > Start-up shell, checking the box “The last document saved, if it is present” does not for me open at start-up the last document saved. It did in SWP 6.0.29, so this is a new bug.

2. Required space in math display. Entering a required space in a math display makes no difference to what I see on-screen but does enter a space in PDF. It did show the space on-screen in SWP 6.0.29, so again this is a new bug.

Old bugs still recurring:

1. Spacebar after space. Under Preferences > Editor > Editing parameters, checking “Does nothing” actually results in a second space being added when the spacebar is used after a space, which is not what I expect. (I think this was actually the same in SWP 6.0.29, so not a new bug.)

2. License status message. I have had the license status message reported in topic “SWP 6 license” appear with SWP 6.0.30, but only once so far and that on an occasion when I opened SWP 6 by double-clicking in a filename. Does this help identify the cause of the problem?

Double-clicking on paragraph end symbol. In SWP 6.0.30, double-clicking on a paragraph end symbol opens up a dialog box “Current attributes for: bodyText”. I was not aware of this in SWP 6.0.29 and, since I typically do this action to select a whole paragraph, I conjecture it is new to SWP 6.0.30. Is this an intended new feature? (It’s not actually a problem once I adapt my way of working because triple-clicking in a paragraph still selects a whole paragraph.)

These bugs are all much lower priority than the bugs I reported in the topic “SWP 6.0.30 Previously reported bugs”, so please don’t spend time fixing them at the expense of fixing those (to me) higher priority bugs!