SWP 6.0.30 Previously reported bugs

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Many thanks for releasing SWP 6.0.30. It is great that you have implemented the Matrix Properties dialog. It seems to work very well and I greatly appreciate that.

I have now checked out the various bugs I reported in version 6.0.29. I am posting a list of those that have not been fixed in 6.0.30, listed under the topic names I originally used to report them. Files that detail them were downloaded under those topic names.

To my mind, the order of priorities for fixing these in the next release is as follows:

1. Items 6, 7 and 9 on the posted list about inserting and removing sections and subsections. These are my top priority because using the removesection tag for a section/subsection that contains an environment tag such as Definition or Proposition can easily lead to inadvertently deleting even large amounts of a document. Also applying the subsection tag for text that includes environment tags compromises the integrity of the document in a way that I have been able to fix only by directly editing the document in Source view, which I find tricky and risky. I conjecture that these 3 items are all related: they are all to do with the interaction of section and environment tags.

2. Item 1b to make Find and replace work as it ought to. I find the non-functionality of this a significant hurdle in editing documents.

3. Item 1a to make Graph user and Image properties settings entries sticky. (My hunch is that this should be a relatively easy fix.)

To me the other bugs listed, while certainly important, are lower priority.

I hope this is helpful in determining priorities for the next release.

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