SWP 6.0.30

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Many thanks for releasing this new version of SWP 6. I have successfully downloaded, installed it and will report on it as I use it.

A quick first question. When I open SWP 6 and run it under macOS Mojave (Version 10.14.5), I am still getting the message 'SWP.app needs to download font "Osaka"' even though the changes listed for this release include 'Removed references to Osaka font.'

Can I reset something to ensure that I do not receive this message?

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Hmmm. I must have missed one

Hmmm. I must have missed one instance of this. Try this:

Go to preferences, Advanced, and in the Filter field, type "Osaka", right-click and choose Modify. Make it blank.

This should take care of it. If not, let me know. I'll complete the fix in the source code.



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That does indeed seem to take

That does indeed seem to take care of it. Many thanks.