SWP 6.0.29 Remove section: major bug

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The attached file demonstrates what I think is a major bug with using the removesection item on the Section/envitronment menu in SWP 6.0.29.

The normal behaviour, which is what I expect, is that placing the cursor in a subsection heading and using removesection results in the subsection heading being removed but the text of the subsection remaining intact.

However, when I do this in a subsection that contains a Definition environment, although the text before the Definition environment is retained, the Definition environment is removed and the text following the Definition environment is deleted.

This behaviour may be related to that I reported under the topic SWP 6.0.29 Subsection Scope. I have entered it as a separate topic because it seems to me a major bug that needs fixing urgently. If there had been a large chunk of text before the Definition environment, it would have been very easy not to have noticed that all the text following the Definition environment had been deleted. If the document had then been saved, the text following the Definition environment would have been lost. If after a few changes, the document had then been saved again, the deleted text would no longer have been available even in the backup file. So it would be very easy to completely lose a large chunk of work without realising that this was happening.

This behavior is is generated on a Mac running macOS 10.14.4.

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