SWP 6.0.29 Subsection scope

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I attach a .sci file that illustrates what seems to be a bug with the scope of subsection commands in SWP 6.0.29 running under macOS 10.14.3.

The basic point is that, if I insert a subsection command at the beginning of a paragraph of some existing text, the scope of the subsection extends to the end of the document (or the next sectioning command) if the remaining text is all straight text. However, if the remaining text contains a Definition environment, the scope of the subsection extends only to the start of that environment. (I haven't checked whether the same applies to other environments, such as Proposition but I would expect it to do so.)

This seems to me illogical and probably not as intended. An environment command is a different concept from a sectioning command and I can think of no logical reason why I should want a subsection to end just because the text contains an environment command. There is also the practical issue that I have found no way within SWP 6 of including the Definition in the subsection short of opening the Source view and moving the end subsection command "/subsection" to where I want the subsection to end. Is there one?

Can you reproduce this? Or do you need me to document it further?

SWP6029Subsection.sci141.75 KB