SWP 6.0.29 Miscellaneous Bugs

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The attached .sci file illustrates some miscellaneous bugs in SWP 6.0.29 that occur on my Mac running macOS 10.13.6. Can you reproduce these?

SWP6029Bugs.sci195.48 KB
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For what it's worth,

For what it's worth, referring to the multiline display at the bottom of the document, in my system 6.0.29 on Win7) all the matched brackets look OK. But maybe I'm not looking carefully enough : perhaps you could post a picture of how they appear on your system and/or more detail about what I should be looking for? I agree, though, that if they did look odd, it wouldn't be a major issue as long as they typeset properly.

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Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I attach a screenshot of the display and surrounding text. Does it look different from what you see onscreen?

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On win7 (see attached) the

On win7 (see attached) the brackets look fine to me.

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Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this screenshot. It's good to know that the expanded brackets look better on-screen under Windows than on my Mac.

However, the other issues raised in my post are actually **much** more important for the usability of SWP 6. They really need to be fixed in the next release.