a curious copy+paste feature

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SWP 6.0.28 on MS Windows

Suppose you want to paste into your document something that appears in the ViewTeXFile window. You can copy and paste, and everything seems fine. The problem is that the pasted stuff won't typeset: this is independent of whether it contains a latex command or not. After much experimentation I found that apparently what you need to do in the editor is mark the pasted material as using any font in the TextTag drop-down except (normal). (If you want it in the normal font, you can tag it with any other tag, and then tag it as normal).

If you do this, it typesets as it should. Is this the expected behavior? I think there ought to be some way of alerting the user as to what's going on, especially if it's more general than just pasting from this particular window. Having something that looks OK in the editor not typeset at all is a bit frustrating.