Warning on encapsulated TeX fields

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I inserted an encapsulated TeX field --- contents \\enlargethispage{1in}--- into my document, and it worked as expected. Later I found that I no longer needed it. But since I thought I might need it again later, I decided to just comment out the contents, by putting a % in front of the command. When I did this, and saved my document, it was truncated at the field, with no warning. I was able to recover most of it from a backup; but still, it's a concern. The moral seems to be never to leave a commented-out encapsulated TeX field in your document. (I haven't tested to see whether the problem was with this particular command).

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Do you see the same effect

Do you see the same effect when you view the source? I would guess you do.

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Yes I do (everything below,

Yes I do (everything below, and including, the TeX field is gone).

(and sorry, I meant to post this to the SWP5 section, not SN; feel free to move/copy it if you think it's appropriate).

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% is notorious for giving

% is notorious for giving problems in SW This because its a TeX active character. Do instead


in the preamble. Then make encapsulated fields for \command and \endcommand. Call then [command] and [endcommand]
then [command] ... anything ... [endcommand] will do what you want.

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Thanks for the suggestion: I

Thanks for the suggestion: I hadn't realized there were problems with the % character in SW.

On the other hand, it may be of interest to know that I did the experiment in SWP6 (using the Std Latex Article): there were no problems (the file stayed intact, even with a commented-out command).

I moved this topic from the

I moved this topic from the SNB 5.5 to the SWP 5.5 area.