User symbol panel - howto

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SWP 6.0.28 on MS Win

Could someone explain how to drag symbols
onto the User tab? This works fine as long
as the User tab is visible; but if you scroll
down (eg in the Stix tab) then the tabs
disappear, and it's not clear how to drag
in this case. Or at least, I can't figure out
how do it.

As far as I can see, placing the selected symbol
in the document and then attempting to drag it
from there onto the User tab doesn't work;
nor does copying it to the clipboard and
attempting to paste it in.

I think that you are right. 

I think that you are right.  The only work around I could find was to resize the sidebar so all of the characters were available.  With all the symbols in the stix panel, I'm not sure that this can be done unless you have two monitors.  I had to stretch the main application window across both windows in order to have enough room to widen the side panel to be able to display all of the characters in the panel.

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Did you try clicking on

Did you try clicking on Actions->Detach? Doing that makes it a lot easier.

That said, it now seems that the scrolling in the symbol panels should not include the tabs. We will add that to the list of enhancements coming up.


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Why not add a context menu

Why not add a context menu item "Add to User panel", analogous to the "Remove symbol" on the User Panel itself? That would avoid having to try and resize the panels.