6.028 under windows

I installed 6.028 and tex live in windows. All went smoothly. Activation was successful.
But pdflatex fails. The error message says: xcolor.sty not found.

Not sure why the xcolor

Not sure why the xcolor package isn't available.  It should have been installed as part of the basic TeX Live installation (at least, that's what I thought).

In any case, use the TeX Live Manager program.  Start the program from the TeX Live group from the Start Menu.  Once the TeX Live Manager program is running, use the menu item tlmgr, Load default.  Then, find xcolor on the list of packages (type xcolor into the Match field to reduce the length of the list of packages).  Turn on the check box for the xcolor package and click the Install button.  When completed, use the Actions menu and select Update filename database.  When the filename database update is complete, you can exit the TeX Live Manager program.  You can then compile and have the xcolor package available.

George, Thanks. Your advice

George, Thanks. Your advice worked. I had to repeat it for several other packages.
Now I am unable to import successfully. the conversion stops in the middle.