SWP 6.0.28 Find and Replace

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Two issues with the Find and Replace dialog in SWP 6.0.28:

1. Selecting the Entire Word option seems to make no difference to what is found - instances of the characters to be found are located even when not entire words. Of course there is a workaround by putting spaces before and after the characters to be found but this is not very satisfactory.

2. No distinction seems to be made between text and math characters. Setting $b$ as a character to find still finds instances of b as well as $b$. This a real nuisance if one wants to replace all the instances of $b$ in a document with $c$.

I hope these will be fixed in the next release.

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More on Find and replace: 1.

More on Find and replace:

1. If I select some text and then use Find and replace to search for a character, nothing seems to be found. I had anticipated that, as in SWP 5.5, Find and replace would find instances of that character in the selected text. That would certainly be more convenient.

2. If I use Find and replace to replace a character, close the Find and replace dialog and then re-open it, the character I previously searched for is in the "Find text" panel but the character with which I replaced it has disappeared from the "Replace with" panel. It would be more convenient if both were retained.

3. If I do the same as in 2 to find and replace a math character, when I re-open the dialog the math character has been converted to a text character. It would be more convenient of the math attribute were retained. (This may be related to my previous post about Find and replace not distinguishing between math and text characters.)