SWP 6.0.28 Initial Impressions

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Thank you very much for releasing Scientific WorkPlace 6.0.28. Here are some initial impressions running it under macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.

I am particularly delighted that I can now see what has been defined in the Compute > Definitions > Show Definitions box and also that I can both see and change the “Expression to be plotted” in the Graph user settings > Items plotted box.

I am, however, very disappointed that several items that I have previously reported as important bugs have not been fixed. The ones I have noticed so far are:

1. Graph user settings: In the Graph user settings > Placement box, the Location, Float and Baseline settings always revert to “Floating”, “None” and “Baseline” respectively when I open the box, no matter what they have previously been set to by selecting something else and clicking OK. (This is not the case with the Caption setting.)

2. Matrix properties. I have found no way within SWP 6 to have entries in a matrix aligned anything other than centred. The attached .sci document gives further information. My hunch is that there are various Matrix Properties that ought to be accessible by selecting all (or part of) a matrix, right-clicking on the selection and choosing Properties. But although the arrow to the right of Properties suggests that there ought to be some actions available, choosing Properties does not bring any up.
This is a major limitation for which I have found no workaround (other than exporting the document to TeX, manipulating
the matrix entries in SWP 5.5, and then reimporting the document into SWP 6, which I do not regard as an acceptable
workaround). Is there an acceptable workaround?

The attached document gives details of some more minor bugs that I have previously reported. These are less important because there are workarounds but nonetheless irritating.

It is deeply frustrating that, despite my having reported these bugs long ago, they have not been fixed. Is there any chance of them being fixed in the next release?

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We are moving these bugs to

We are moving these bugs to the top of the 'fixit' stack.

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With regard to the "U+2063

With regard to the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" character, work has been done on this to fix it for build 28.

Does this bug occur on Windows, Mac, or both?

Do you have a specific document that demonstrates this? If so, could you please send it via the forum or to support@mackichan.com via email?

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I am seeing this bug with SWP

I am seeing this bug with SWP 6.0.28 on a Mac running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. I don't have SWP 6 on a Windows computer, so I don't know what happens there.

I attach two TeX documents that produce the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" character when imported into SWP 6.0.28 on the Mac. One of these is an SWP 5.5 document, the other a straight LaTeX document. I also attach the SCI files generated from them under SWP 6.0.28 in case there is something peculiar about the importing process under macOS.

Where exactly in the .sci

Where exactly in the .sci files you uploaded do the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" characters appear?  I downloaded both of the .sci files and inspected them using the current Windows and Macintosh versions and I can't see anything unusual.

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I attach a PDF of the

I attach a PDF of the StrangeCharacter file that I have annotated with red arrows to indicate exactly where the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" characters appear when I view the corresponding .sci file on-screen on my Mac.

Does that help with locating where they occur in the .sci file?

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Further to my previous

Further to my previous message, I think the "U+2063 INVISIBLE SEPARATOR" character comes from the lines

in the source code. See the attached file where, if that code is removed, the character disappears from my screen and, if put back, the character appears again. Unfortunately, the code disappears when I save this reply but you can see it if you can Edit my reply. How can I get XHTML code to appear in a message?

The character appears only in documents I import from TeX. When importing from TeX, I have seen the character appear only in math and, as I recall it, only before the opening one of a pair of parentheses (though not before the opening of every pair of parentheses).

Is there anything else I can do to help you locate the source of the problem?