SWP 6.0.27 Plot issue

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The attached file illustrates a problem with changing settings in the Graph User Settings dialog in SWP 6.0.27.

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Get a javascript error with

Get a javascript error with the piecewise equation I'm trying to calculate in 2D as well in sci6. Attached it to the end of your file as they may be related. Would like to know soon, as I need to publish this.


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My Mac (now running High

My Mac (now running High Sierra) produces exactly the same error as you report. I don't know if it is actually related to the problem as in my post - I don't understand SWP 6 sufficiently well to tell. But I note that, when double-clicking on where your image should be, the box "Expression to be plotted" under the "Items plotted" tab is blank, which might have something to do with your problem.

If I recall correctly, version 6.0.26 actually worked better for plotting and for including graphics than 6.0.27. So if you are in a hurry, you might try reverting to SWP 6.0.26.

I find it deeply frustrating that nobody at MacKichan has commented on this issue. My experience is that, as it stands, SWP 6.0.27 is completely useless for anything to do with graphics and plotting, which seems to me an absolutely fundamental flaw in a product for which the ability to use these are a major selling point. SWP 6.0.26 was somewhat better, though still not very satisfactory. But in over 19 weeks, there has been no indication from anybody at MacKichan of when there will be a version of SWP 6 available that actually handles something that is supposed to be a fundamental feature of the program.

Can somebody at MacKichan **please** let us know when we will have a version of SWP 6 that handles graphics and plots satisfactorily?

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Many of the plotting issues

Many of the plotting issues have been found and fixed. 

We anticipate that a new release will happen soon. 

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How soon is "soon"? This post

How soon is "soon"?

This post was almost 2 months ago. Two issues that arise with SWP 6.0.27, at least on my Mac (running macOS High Sierra 10.13.3), are seriously hampering a project I am working on:

1. When I try to insert a plot, no plot appears and the "Expression to be plotted" window on the Items plotted tab under Properties > Properties of Function graph is always blank. Moreover, if I enter an expression to be plotted in that window and click OK, I get the error message:

[Javascript Application]
Computation Error

2. The window that opens up with Compute > Definitions > Show definitions is always blank even when I have specified definitions and they are functioning properly in calculations. (This is obviously less critical but makes it very tedious to check that I have done calculations correctly.)

If the next release is really **soon**, the project can wait and I can use it to test out that release. But, if not, I need to complete the project with another application. Which should I do?

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Excellent news. Many thanks

Excellent news. Many thanks for letting us know.