adding custom equation labels

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SWP 6.0.24 on MS Win

It doesn't seem possible to add custom labels to the automatically generated equation labels. The Help file says to select the label, then right-click, select Properties and then Equation Array Properties.
When I select Properties all I get is a little square just above and to the right of the >. No submenu with Equation Array Properties.

This seems to be the same bug as reported quite some time ago in the context of array properties. It's a pity that it hasn't been fixed.

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On my Mac, if I click on an

On my Mac, if I click on an equation label and then right-click, selecting Properties has no effect (not even the little square that you get).

But I can add a custom label by placing the cursor "inside" the display and right-clicking. Then selecting Properties does bring up a submenu with the Equation array Properties option that opens up the Display Properties dialog box. Does this achieve what you want?

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Yes, thanks - this works

Yes, thanks - this works perfectly on Windows! So perhaps it's just the Help file that needs to be revised.

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I actually think it is more

I actually think it is more than just the Help file that needs to be revised. Selecting the whole display by clicking on the label and then right-clicking brings up a submenu with Properties on it but clicking on Properties brings up no options. If there really aren't any options, then the Properties item should not be on the submenu. And it would certainly make more intuitive sense to select the whole display and right-click to get Properties and options that apply to the whole display.

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Yes, I think this turns on

Yes, I think this turns on whether there are *supposed* to be Properties leading of the context menu when you select the equation number. The manual, and the little square that appears when you try to choose it (see attached pic SWP6_Properties.gif) suggest that there should be; it would be interesting to know who's right.