SWP 6.0.23 Import TeX Problem

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I attach a .rap file created in Scientific Word 5.5. When I unwrap this and try to import it into SWP 6.0.23, I have the following problems:

1. Although the file opens, I cannot edit it
2. When I click the Source tab to inspect the source file, SWP 6 either crashes or else gives the error message “Command failure: Error executing command ‘sourcemode’" and, when I click on More Info, gives the message “Failure details: msiGetBodyElement editor is null”

If I click the PDF Preview tab to generate a PDF file, the following problems occur:

1. Some of the references do not appear, either in the text or in the list of references
2. The figures do not appear
3. The table captions and the notes to the tables do not appear

I am running SWP 6 on a Mac with OS X 10.12.3. But the document can be edited and compiled correctly in TeXShop using the same TeX installation as SWP 6.0.23, so I don’t think these problems have anything to do with the TeX installation.

I notice that, when using Import TeX on the file in SWP 6.0.23, I receive an Alert:

“The file resource: //app/res/shells/-Standard_LaTeX/Standard_LaTeX_Article.sci cannot be found. Please check the location and try again.”

The file Standard_LaTeX_Article.sci is present on the computer in the location
“Mackintosh HD/Applications/MacKichan/SWP.app/Contents/Resources/shells/-Standard_LaTeX”
but I do not see anywhere that I can instruct the Import TeX procedure how to locate that file.

Are these problems because of a bug in SWP 6 Import TeX process? If not, please tell me URGENTLY what I need to do to get a properly functioning .sci file that works with SWP 6.

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Same thing occurs on Windows,

Same thing occurs on Windows, if that is any help in diagnosing the problem. Also, on Windows, pretex.exe takes a very long time (upwards of 6 mins) to run. Once imported, you can save the file as a sci file; but if you then try to open the sci file you get the same error message, and the file is still un-editable on screen.