acknowledgement / thanks : 2

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swp 6.0.22 on Win 7

In a previous posting I noted, specifically with
respect to the J.Pol.Econ shell (but it also occurs
with some other economics shells), that the
acknowledgements line does not seem to appear
in the pdf preview.

Since in v 6.0.22 the status of this
hadn't changed, I took another look. It seems that
the acknowledgement text following the author's name
isn't exported at all into the tex file, even
though in the SourceView it is tagged as
thanks [edited: the original attempt to
reproduce the start and end tags didn't work].
If you look at the files in the res folder, it seems that "thanks"
appears only in connection with the ams classes.
Presumably you need to add coverage of this to
other classes as well, since it is apparently
standard latex (eg article.cls).