acknowlegements / thanks

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SWP 6.0.21

At the top of the J.Pol.Econ shell there's a block
of text (in the author/title table) which proclaims that
it's an acknowledgement that will appear with an asterisk
in the document. (Presumably like LaTeX \thanks macro?).
As best I can tell, it never actually appears in PDF preview.

The J.Econ.Lit. shell seems to have something similar (on the
same line as the author's name) which also doesn't seem
to preview. (The author's name is OK). Ditto, Quart.J.Econ
(attached to the article title).

I can't find any way of tagging material as an acknowledgement
or Thanks - is there one? (Suppose I want to do this in a shell
like the Std Latex article). It would certainly be worth
supporting, though one can probably do it "manually" via a
TeX field, as one could with SWP55. Either way, it's
something that should be mentioned in Creating Documents
since it's a pretty standard part of scholarly writing.