fragments (etc) in an update

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SWP 6.0.19 on MSWin

It looks to me as if any user-created
fragments are destroyed when you update
SWP6 (possibly because the installer
deletes the entire fragments folder in the
user's profile).

It's possible that the same thing happens
to user-defined auto substitution sequences,
since these are stored in autosubs.xml, which
is a new file after an update.

If either of these is correct, it severely
limits the usability of these features,
especially given the frequency of updates.
In the case of autosubs the obvious solution
would be to store user-defined sequences in
a separate file that is read in after the
main one. For fragments, one obviously wants to
overwrite existing ones where necessary,
not delete everything in the folder.

PS - I'm glad to see that the new version
of the CSS editor has dealt with two issues
I mentioned a few days ago: at least for captions,
the bg change is now remembered on the tab where
it was made; and (for captions) the positioning
buttons are grayed out, since presumably
irrelevant. The same applies when I tried to change
the bodyText font, so if this change is consistent,
the CSS Editor is now much more user-friendly.