SWP 6.0.19 BibTeX Bibliography Properties

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Enter a BibTeX TeXbutton in a document. In the dialog box that opens, select the Database Files to be used from the left-hand panel and the Style from the right-hand panel. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Now use the context-sensitive menu to open the Properties of the BibTeX TeXbutton. The database files previously selected are highlighted but no style is highlighted. Indeed, the only way I have discovered to find out from the dialog box which style has been selected is to click on a style in the right-hand pane and if it is then highlighted, I know it is NOT the style selected. If I happen to click on the style actually selected, it is not highlighted. (I can check the selected style by using Source view but I don’t think users should have to do that.)

Would it not be better if the selected style were highlighted when the BibTeX bibliography Properties dialog is opened?