bibtex bibliography --- odd behavior

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SWP 6.0.18 on MSWin

With your document set up for a bibtex
bibliography, do Insert -> Typeset Object ->

What happens at this point is that
a dos session opens and the document
is compiled, *before* you get to the
BibTeX Bibliography dialog.
This seems pointless --- or is there a
reason for it? On the other hand
it's basically harmless, just a waste
of time, and a bit disconcerting.
This behavior is new with 6.0.18 as
far as I can see.

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We have had trouble in the

We have had trouble in the past finding the correct TEXMF tree in the face of supporting different distributions of TeX: TeXLive 2015, TeXLive 2016, MiKTeX, MacTeX, etc. We build a .cmd file (.bash on Mac) that contains this information, but it can be incorrect when the TeX installation is maintained independently of our installation program.

The solution at this point is to compile a 3-line program and to inspect the log file to get the definitive information on this from TeX itself. It is this compilation that you are seeing. On the Mac you see nothing. On Windows, we ought to be able to use Windows Scripting to hide the window, but this is an enhancement we haven't made yet.