updating, and the swp profile

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SWP Profiles on Win systems

I have some evidence that the SWP update procedure
may not be checking that the user's existing profile
folder contains the right files, and that this can
lead to usability problems. My evidence is based on
the update to SWP 6.0.17 from 6.0.16. The experiment was to
open the Std Latex article, run pdf preview to make
sure it was working, and then, under DocFormat, enable
crop marks and preview again. Here are my results:

Computer A, running Win 7: no problems. (See an earlier
post from George as to why the crop marks may not
be visible: here, 'no problems' means that nothing
else untoward happened, as best I can tell).

Computer B, running Win XP. On this computer, enabling
crop marks added the class option 'titlepage' to the
document. Previewing worked. I was able to verify that
it wasn't the files in the SWP folder itself that caused the
problem, since copying this folder from Computer A didn't
solve it. Only when I deleted the profile did the problem
go away.

Computer C, also running Win7, but on a university network,
which induces several restrictions on folders etc. In this
case when I tried to preview the version with crop marks
enabled, previewing failed altogether, with a
TeX File not Created message, and a little pop-up window
reported "no log". Only when I deleted the profile did the
problem go away.

The take-away seems to be that if the new version of
SWP6 causes problems that weren't there before, it may
be worth re-creating your profile before panicking.
I don't know what checking the installer does for
the profile folder, but it does seem that the files
stored there can lead to mismatch problems.

Of course, I may be completely off-base here (it's
happened before). But I think it may be worth
checking into. Also, note that I've no idea with
which update this might first have happened, since
the crop marks experiment was done only with 6.0.17.