v. 6.0.14... still keyboard problems

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I use a Norwegian keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts for symbols located in different positions than the US keyboard doesn't work!! As an example, Ctrl + / = fraction doesn't work. For my keyboard, the "/" key is the shifted 7 key.

Anyone else with a non-US keyboard where the keyboard shortcuts actually work? In other words -- the shortcuts where the keys are located in other positions than on the US keyboard... (Ctrl+r works, Ctrl+e works, etc.).

This is really frustrating.


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I understand that it's been

I understand that it's been frustrating. It's been very frustrating for me too.

I think I've finally found the right incantation that will make our program respond to Ctrl+/  no matter which key contains the '/' and no matter whether it is uppercase or lowercase. If you'd like to try this immediately, email me and I can probably send you a working version. Otherwise it should be in our 6.0 .15 release



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Great news, Barry. I can wait

Great news, Barry. I can wait for 6.0.15.

The non-working keyboard shortcuts have, in fact, kept me from starting to use SWP 6: I'm a touch typist, and using keyboard shortcuts is very important for efficient use of SWP.

Again, I look forward to test it! :-)