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It seems that the address tag is missing from the appropriate menu of tags (used in front matter).

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The address tag was removed

The address tag was removed in version 6.0.13. In previous versions, it did not work correctly when there was more than one author (the second author's address did not appear in the PDF). The list of changes for 6.0.13 (in the right-hand sidebar) includes the following:

"Fixed up the behaviour of the author tag. Removed address tag. For address and institution for an author, use shift+return. For multiple authors, put in multiple author tags."

(Note: the signs "<" and ">" are omitted from the above because the forum software interprets these as formatting symbols.)

I was somewhat surprised that the address tag was removed. As I recall it, it did work correctly on a much earlier version - at a guess from looking at document dates in version 6.0.3 but I no longer have that installed to check. So I had anticipated that the problem with multiple authors using the address tag could be fixed. But at least the present arrangement produces a correct PDF.

There actually isn't a

There actually isn't a separate address field in LaTeX, the address is just part of the author.  

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I do not think this is very

I do not think this is very good. There are some cases of article styles, where address is placed t the end of the article while the author is placed on the first page:-(