6.0.12 fatal bug

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SWP 6.0.12 in MSWin

*** fatal usability bug ****

1. Open the program with the Std
Latex Article.

2. Preview. No problems.

3. Now return to Normal View
and preview again. Result:

Error executing command 'pdfpreviewmode

and MoreInfo gives:

Component returned failure code: 0x80520015

(I wonder if this is because you also create
a pdf file in the user's document folder,
as well as in the _work folder?)

Anyway, it effectively renders the system
useless. If confirmed (even if just on
Windows) I think you need to withdraw
6.0.12 until it's fixed. It looks to me
as if it also happens on 6.0.11, though
why no-one ever noticed it before is a

I only see a problem with two

I only see a problem with two conditionals:

1. The setting to view the PDF file has been changed to open the PDF in the default viewer program.


2. The PDF file is still open in the PDF viewer program after switching back to SWP and previewing again.

My opinion is that this doesn't rise to the level where 6.0.12 would need to be withdrawn, but is something that should be looked at.  Do you see a different set of conditions?

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George: I'm not sure I've

George: I'm not sure I've understood your comment ("two conditionals"). In the two 6.0.12 installations I tested, this was an out-of-the-box version of the program. Are you saying that the problem can be resolved by switching from the internal to the external viewer? If so --- I've not yet tested this --- then I agree that it is manageable. But still, I do think this ought to be given prominence, perhaps as an addition to the announcement.

No, I'm saying that the

No, I'm saying that the "straight out of the box" install works for me.  When the PDF is displayed in the PDF Preview tab window, switching between Normal and PDF Preview works seemlessly, without recreating the PDF file.  Only if I change preferences to use the external PDF viewer program and have the last generated PDF open in that viewer do I see issues.  I have deleted my profile to create the "straight out of the box" environment.

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OK, then my experience is

OK, then my experience is different: it's the internal viewer that I'm using. Do you suggest that I delete my profile and try again?

More generally, this happened to me on both win7 and win xp, neither being connected to the internet. Any chance that that influences anything? [ADDED: no I don't think the connectivity has anything to do with it: I've just installed 6.0.12 on an internet-connected win7 machine -- the certificate problem has gone away--- and I have the same problem, using the internal viewer]. If you have a suggestion as to how to diagnose it further, I'll gladly give it a try.

Now I see the problem using

Now I see the problem using the plugin PDF viewer, but only under certain circumstances:

- Start a new document using the Standard LaTeX Article shell.
- Click PDF Preview tab.  Result:  LaTeX creates PDF file that appears in the PDF Preview tab.
- Click Normal tab.  Result: Back to normal view.
- Click PDF Preview tab.  Result: Command failure dialog with "Error executing command 'pdfpreviewmode'"
- Click OK to close the error dialog.
- Click Normal tab and revise the text (enter = and then Backspace to delete).
- Click PDF Preview tab.  Result:  LaTeX creates PDF file that appears in the PDF Preview tab.
- You can now click between the Normal and PDF Preview tabs to see the expected displays, with the PDF view appearing without running LaTeX.

At some point I did end up not able to see the preview from a second document window, but I can't duplicate that now.

The PDF file is created in the working directory and then copied to a temporary directory before being opened.  There must be something that's locking the PDF file at some point causing the error.  The development team is looking at this issue.


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Thanks; that works. If I find

Thanks; that works. If I find that even this results in the second preview failing, I'll report it here.

By the way, could the developers check whether (perhaps only some) Preferences are being reset once the dialog is opened? I keep having to change the default shell to the Std Latex Article (from blank latex), and I'm pretty sure I've not been deliberately changing it. I think this may have been introduced --- if there is something to it -- in 6.0.11.