"Computation Error" when I try to put more than one function on a single graph.

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I was trying to draw a rectangular hyperbola (xy=200000) and a straight line (y=300000-100000)x on a single graph. Either one would plot as a single function without the other, but when I tried to put both on the graph, the second one would result in a "Computation Error" when I tried to initiate the plot. I am using SWP6.0.10 with Windows 10 and Windows 7. I had the same error with both operating systems.
Can this be fixed, please. Also the units are still not handled properly in your math program.(maybe you need to bring back Maple). arithmetic (or solve). These must be fixed for the program to be useful to me.
Jim Meyer

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I plotted 200000/x and the

I plotted 200000/x and the added 300000-100000x to the plot without getting the error. 

There are difficulties when attempting these plots implicitly and I will report it to the MuPAD developers.